Advisory Board Members

Colbey B Forman, Ph.D., Founder, Chief Psychoneurologist
Connie Schottky, Ph.D., Dean of Coaching Psychoneurology
Valorie Jennings  Esq, PhD.c, Legal Counsel
Edward Wilson, MD, Medical Advisor, Liaison to AMA
Bruce Kaloski, Ph.D. Technical Advisor


Current Student PhD Candidates

*Credentialed candidates in psychoneurology  (To qualify for candidacy a doctoral student must have attended Beurin University’s Program in Psychoneurology for a period of no less than 12 months and currently be in good standing.)

  • Noushin Talei Nikfarjam, PhD.c, abd
  • Becky Blake, Phd.c*
  • Edna Coliango-Chua PhD.c*
  • Amy Poon PhD.c*
  • Lyn Hand, PhD.c*
  • Lia Bernardo, PhD.c
  • Veronica Olson, Phd.c*
  • Valorie Jennings  Esq, PhD.c*
  • Cornelia Baleanu PhD.c*

Refer back to this site for listings for:

– Listing of past students who have received training in Psychoneurology.

– Individuals who are Board Certified In specific fields.

– Masters level candidates and graduates.