What is Psychoneurology?

Psychoneurology is a new approach to creating wellness and thriving that does not require a diagnosis or labeling of the patient. 

Psychoneurology's underlying premise is that each individual human being is already perfect and whole as opposed to broken or diseased. Therefore, rather than trying to focus on fixing a broken person, psychoneurology helps the patient develop new resources, or learning’s, that will help enhance their lives in the service of reaching the highest level of thriving. 

The Technology known as Psychoneurology is simultaneously entirely new and completely ancient and is currently being developed by Dr. Colbey Forman with Beurin University's doctoral students. Psychoneurology's approach bridges ancient wisdom with leading edge technology to pioneer an entirely new paradigm in healing and wellness.  

To find out more about the philosophy of Dr. Colbey Forman the developer of Psychoneurology and research currently being conducted by Beurin University doctoral students and faculty, click here. 

What We Do

The purpose of the American and International Boards of Psychoneurology is to establish and uphold the standards, ethics, and principals for the field and profession of Psychoneurology.  View the ABPN/IBPN Ethical Principles of Psychoneurologist's Code of Conduct here.

The standards and practices of this leading edge field, must be constantly evaluated and its standards, rigorously upheld. To this end, Psychoneurology's founder, Colbey Forman, founded the American and International Boards of Psychoneurology, or ABPN/IBPN.

Today, the ABPN/IBPN holds the sole and complete authority to confer any and all board certifications applying to any practice of Psychoneurology. Any legitimate, board certified Psychoneurologist will be listed on this site and can only be credentialed after rigorous, live examinations including repeated demonstration of understanding and skillful execution of any protocols our therapists seek certification in.
To receive certification through the ABPN/IBPN, it is not sufficient for the therapist to articulate a thorough and complete understanding of the processes, protocols, and procedures. In Psychoneurology, they must repeatedly demonstrate a level of excellence in the results they can help patients produce.